"Good Dog Grooming Starts With Good Training"

Dog Grooming Careers

The pet care industry worldwide has been one of the most consistent growth industries and is now worth hundreds of millions of euros. In Ireland one of the fastest growing sectors within the pet care industry is dog grooming. In the short space of ten years the number of owners having their dogs groomed has multiplied at an enormous rate. This has obviously led to an increase in dog groomers. However, initially the standard of grooming was poor with many ‘groomers’ opening without any training at all. Happily, this situation has changed, mostly because the customer has become more demanding and rightfully so! Now and increasingly in the future, groomers who do not produce ‘breed standard’ work will not last very long in business. For those that do the opportunities are endless.

Ireland has a lot of very good groomers producing high quality work and one of the requirements they have is for properly trained assistant groomers. Dublin School of Grooming has specifically targeted this growing need with our Assistant Groomer Course. It is also true to say that in many parts of the country there is no grooming service available and in others the demand far outstrips the supply. Our Certificate in Dog Grooming / Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming courses are ideal for anyone hoping to open their own dog grooming business and take advantage of this opportunity.

Career Paths

The only truly recognised qualification in dog grooming is the City & Guilds 7750 Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming. This is the minimum standard groomers must have achieved in order to call themselves 'qualified'. However, City & Guilds guidelines state that it is advisable for a groomer to have at least twelve to eighteen months grooming experience (after initial training under a C&G 7750 qualified groomer) before they attempt these exams. Therefore the logical approaches to becoming qualified are set out in the flow chart below.